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We guarantuee a high quality implementation of all our products we made. You can easily make sure in it by video reviews and customer mentions available on YouTube and other social networks.

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All of our products will be updated during their entire lifespan. We will be doing at least one update per month.

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We care about the quality of use of our products. If you have complications in using our addon, you can open a ticket in a special system located here, or just write a message in our Official Discord server.


A powerful solution to make your flights easier by adding a virtual copilot, that can read checklist cards (with professionaly prerecorded audiosamples) and autocomplete undone things automatically.

Our team


Savely Shevkunov

config maker and community helper

Alex Anosov

press manager and community helper

Max Moldenhauer

CEO, lead coder and product designer

Diana Surkova

support and community helper

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